Invisible Strings: Robyn Stevens' Long Road To A Dream Fulfilled

Robyn Stevens has the need for speed….walking. It’s what she was destined to do. She takes on the persona of her favorite superhero, Supergirl when she hits the race walking course. Her grit, fearlessness, determination and her underrated nature play to her advantage against her opponents. Just ask Kevin Hart and Keegan-Michael Key, who tested Robyn and lost in their race walk attempt on Hart’s “Going for Gold – 2020 Tokyo “Tryout” episode on his “LOL” network. Those same qualities helped her

With Or Without The Mask, Raven Saunders Is Always Herself

Raven Saunders can have two different personalities and a seven-foot shot put ring determines which personality she will display on any given day. Saunders takes on the personality of a popular Marvel superhero when she walks in the shot put ring – The Incredible Hulk. She says she relates to the Hulk when it comes to competition because the Hulk operates with reckless abandonment when he needs to go into full form and if there was a mission that needed to get done, he did whatever it took to

The Gold Standard: Kaylin Whitney

That’s the superhero that Kaylin Whitney says best describes her on the track. She prefers Tom Holland’s version of the character because as she puts it, he’s constantly in a state of fun. “..He just seems like he’s having fun all the time and that’s how I feel like now,” Whitney said. “I just have fun with what I do, and I do love it. And that’s just how I feel all the time.” She certainly felt that way on the evening of June 20, the night she qualified for the 4×400 relay team at the 2020 Ol

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